About a month ago my ex emailed me with a lead on a freshly renovated house about 5 mins WALK from my daughter’s school. I contacted the owner, kept in touch and decided to move there from the second story condo I’d been renting. I just completed this move last weekend, and I have to tell you – I cannot believe the difference being in a place you actually enjoy and appreciate makes.

I work a lot by intuition and empathic tuning, so things such as energy levels affect me deeply. This place is surrounded by trees and is amazingly quiet considering it’s about a quarter mile from the major highway in VT. I feel instantly at home, which is something I never had at the condo. I mean – I thought I had it, but it was very different. This is a visceral “down in your scrotum” feeling of natural belonging. I love it.

I’d love to continue espousing the benefits of country living, but my point in this blog was to highlight the actual process of moving itself. See , I thought that moving out of my marital house with minimal stuff was easy. Sure , I needed help with the big items like couches, but everything else was a breeze. Not so this time. It seemed like the boxes would never end. The move took three days total, including one with a borrowed van to move the big stuff (thanks Dave) and we’re still unpacking. It was also physically hard. I guess sedentary life has a habit of creeping up on you. Once in a while deep physical exertion is a good thing.

Despite the turmoil, I would recommend moving regularly. It keeps you sharp, forces you to be somewhat minimalist and cull unneeded items every time. That being said – I don’t intend moving from this place any time soon. 🙂

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