Hotels, airlines, rental cars and consulting gigs.

I’m in DeKalb IL right now having just done a small consulting gig for a former client. This consisted of about 5 hours of workshops designed to re energize their organizational transformation. I’ve been designing the course for the last week in conjunction with the excellent team there (who I trained initially three years ago while with GEHC). It went very well, considering I had to adjust on the fly having had my transport arrangements shot to hell by United and Advantage Car rental. I couldn’t get a flight out the same day though with that schedule and pricing so I had to stay over.

I’m in the excellent Country Inn and Suites in Sycamore IL. I love this hotel. When I was working with this client before, I stayed here a lot and was always blown away by the quality and value this hotel gives. I think because they’re in a small town they have to try that bit harder. It never ceases to amaze me what the big hotel chains can get away with in big city locations. Charges for parking, internet, late check out, extra anything… It piles up on top of the already inflated prices for rooms. I’m sorry, but I have a moral problem with paying $200+ a night for a hotel room anywhere! Especially if that’s a base price.

I dug into my frequent flyer account and brought my partner along with me this time. She’s sleeping blissfully right now. We’re heading into Chicago for some sightseeing a little later before heading back to VT this evening on the late flight. Just getting out of the routine for two days is a wonderful thing. Especially when you have access to the hot tub 🙂

So this is more of a rambling, not very focused post today. Just wanted to put fingertips on touch screen for a bit. I hope wherever you are, you’re not overpaying for hotels, being shafted by car rental companies or fuming at airline incompetence.

And a postscript – United got us into Burlington International Airport a solid 5 mins early, but we had to wait 13 mins for a ground crew to guide the plane in as they only have one! The final kick in the gentleman vegetables was when they couldn’t be bothered to take the gate check bags off the plane and give us them again plane side, but put them through the check baggage system instead. So yet again I stand at a crowded carousel waiting for a carry on bag having another 30 mins tacked onto my journey. BTV – you suck! #btvsucks

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