Surviving Christmas

It’s the day after Boxing Day and I’m sat in my living room quietly contemplating the beautiful snowy scene outside my window. It’s amazing what a little sun can do to brighten up the day, especially when it shimmers and burbles off the freshly snow laden trees. My daughter is happily ensconced in an iPad video with headphones on on the other couch, and generally all is on an even keel.

It hasn’t been that way for almost all the Christmas period though. The panic attacks from the previous post continued, waxing and waning occasionally but producing the most troubling sensations. Sleep of course has been sporadic, and getting into the Christmas spirit almost impossible. You plod on though and get on with it like a stoical Englishman should and take day by day.

We went over to my partners parents on Christmas afternoon and evening. This is not a trivial matter, as they live across the lake which necessitates a ferry journey so takes a lot longer than the 30 or so miles would suggest it should. This was the first meeting with my daughter, so obviously this added to the stress levels somewhat. As it turned out she was pretty well behaved and they adored her, so all was well there. It was just a nice, pleasant evening. We didn’t get back until late, then she had to take her dog back to her house, so we all were exhausted when hitting the sack.

Yesterday we decided to head up to the local mountain to ski. It was snowing lightly which made the mountain access road treacherous. I passed at least 4 front wheel drive cars with out of state plates stuck up the hills unable to gain traction in the super slippery conditions. I felt bad for them, but they really should know how to drive in snow if they’re headed up this particular road. It should have signs or something too. It’s not for the faint hearted.

I’ve purposely switched off from all business matters for the last few days to try and give my head a chance to clear and get back in the groove. I’m looking forward to picking up the reins again in a few days and hitting the ground hard with Half Dead sales, distribution and product development. There are exciting things happening and if all comes to plan, 2014 is going to be an incredible year.

So this is a bit of a rambler once more, but it’s therapeutic for me, so if you like it all the better. If not – well try the next one!

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